How Gen Z and Millennials Have Changed The World

By Madison Carmenate


Despite the hardships and unjustified events that have occurred in 2020, we as a society are now improving these types of situations in order to change the way people are being treated and the way we perceive the world. This sort of change is not happening on its own. It comes from a generation that has taken a stance on something that they are passionate about. They do this to live in a more inclusive and diverse world. Gen Z and the millennial generation have done just that. 

How Gen Z Has Changed The World 

Generation Z is a generation unlike any other. This is because we see things more clearly, particularly for those who are being treated differently based on the color of their skin. A poll, done by Business Insider, revealed that ”[n]early 90% of those who responded to the Yubo poll said that they support Black Lives Matter” (Davis). Here is only the start of what’s to come for change, particularly for a movement that is striving to change police brutality and systematic racism. That leads us to another part of the poll which stated that “[e]ighty-three percent of Yubo respondents felt that the police use too much force in the United States” (Davis). Furthermore, it’s interesting that Gen Z  seems to be more vocal about a stance that has been in place than the generations before. To be vocal about change for an unjustified system that has targeted innocent people for far too long is a change that I want to be a part of.

How Millennials Are Also Changing the World

Generation Z isn’t the only generation taking a stance on change. The millennial generation is as well. Though they are just a generation before Gen Z, millennials also have what it takes in terms of empathy and passion for the world around them. According to another article by Business Insider, Millennials are quite the activists. It reads, “Diverse, indebted, and depressed, millennials are speaking up about everything from mental health and money to social issues, pushing their concerns to the front of the conversation” (Hoffower).  Who would’ve thought that simply having a remarkable conversation with others and being empathetic could bring about a change? Having friends around is important for millennials, as “[a] millennial is far more likely to become involved if their peers are already there” (Economy). Now, that is a prime example of leading the way for others. This is a stance that has been occurring more recently, as Millennials, like Gen Z, are very passionate about the changes they strive for. Peter Economy writes,  “If a passion for an issue drives millennials to get involved, trust keeps them true to an institution addressing their issue”  (Economy). Millennials are the future for our country, which makes them more aware and determined to see through the changes they are striving toward. 


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Photo by Jessica Podraza on Unsplash

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