Everything about Millennials

By Leah Rodriguez

Generation Y, or better known as Millennials, is a generation of people who are universally known from generations older or younger than them, born between the years of 1981 and 1996. They are a generation that has been both heavily impacted by the past generation and has influenced trends into this current generation. So, here are the top ten things to know and learn about this influential generation.

  1. First things first. Millennials happen to be avid readers and prefer print over digital books because during their primary years, technology was not as demanded in the classroom, or even found in the classroom. 
  2. Another interesting fact is that Millenials are a very well-studied generation and have many research studies dedicated to them.
  3. Millennials are also known for being the “most broke” generation and have contributed to “killing” certain industries, such as malls. 
  4. With that, it is often noted that they are a generation that is at a financial disadvantage compared to past generations and are more likely to have some financial dependence on their parents. 
  5. Another interesting fact is that this generation has a growing presence in government and is highly politically involved.
  6. In the workforce, they make up a large majority of workers, while Baby Boomers and Generation X are slowly on the decline.
  7. They also happen to be very work-driven and dedicate a little too much of their time to work, thus causing them to be highly stressed and anxious. 
  8. Because of their drive to work, it’s been found that Millennials are the least likely generation to go on vacations out of concert.
  9. There are certain areas around the world that are surveyed to house a large bracket of Millennials, such as China and Seattle, Washington.
  10. Coming to the end, while once being the largest generation, Millennials will be greatly outnumbered by their future counterpart generation, Gen Z

And there you have it: the top ten interesting facts you should know about Generation Y.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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