Being “Present” in College

Motivation is one of the essential pillars of success. However, we often lose track of what we are motivating ourselves for. Routine can consume our motivation and the purpose that we are implementing in our lives. We forget to be “present” in our lives.

Gen Zs tend to feel burnt out by today’s societal standards. Today, we are taught to either romanticize everything or to accept the hard truths of life in a way that can feel depressing and demotivating. What if I could tell you that there is another way to deal with those times when you find yourself feeling cynical about your lifestyle?

Adversity reveals genius and prosperity conceals it. I don’t mean prosperity in an economic sense––although it can also be interpreted like that––but prosperity of hope: someday you will want to participate again. And in the meantime, if you find a technique that works for you, that keeps you going, even if it doesn’t fit the mainstream ideas of success, then use it. It’s okay to be a night owl! It’s okay to work at night and sleep in the day as long as you are meeting your needs and deadlines. 

Prosper in the want to achieve your dreams, but also take time to enjoy the full spectrum of your college experience. Participating in college may seem intimidating, but there is a whole world that you can explore and even create. College is a field of opportunity for exploration of ideas, topics, and knowledge that you cannot experience elsewhere. If you aren’t satisfied with your school’s extracurriculars, create one you would enjoy! Teachers aren’t enemies, they are pathways to endure relationships and growth. Through respect, you can develop an idea that you may want to explore with a teacher of your choice. 

In addition to normal extracurriculars, there are many cultures and ethnic studies in colleges. Be curious and join international clubs! These may feel like distractions, but they are not. Learning about other cultures, people, and traditions can enrich your life, inspire your dreams, and help reignite passion. Curiosity is necessary for a life plentiful of new things and routine can fall into that spectrum.

Curiosity: exploring ourselves and our perception of being present in our lives and in other people’s lives. That’s why college isn’t just four to five years of our life that we spend getting in debt to get our education. It’s four years where you get to learn, to grow, to get to know who you are and want to be, and most of all, to be present. 

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