By Kassandra Sanchez

California is trying its best to prepare the future generation of leaders, so many organizations are trying to reach out to make a change. One of these organizations is the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project (CLYLP). CLYLP’s  primary mission is to help California’s youth develop leadership skills. To achieve this goal, CLYLP caters to students’ knowledge of politics and the importance of cultural and family values, and encourages and inspires students before and after high school. However, this mission would not be able to move forward if it weren’t for CLYLP’s values of service to the community, cultural identity, motivation, self-realization, continuous growth, equity, collaboration, and community-based leadership. Established in 1982, CLYLP has promised to prepare students so they may be involved in the state’s “economic, social, and political development” (“Our History”). 

Due to COVID-19, CLYLP had to go virtual with its Digital 2020 program. For three weeks, students connected online with other students across the state. The Digital 2020 program allowed them to network, develop leadership skills, learn more about university applications and financial aid, and meet alumni to gain insight into their professional growth. Along with this program, CLYLP has made students a part of the Statewide Leadership Conference in Sacramento, which is a one-week-long leadership program. The best thing about CLYLP is the fact that they offer their students guidance and stay beside their alumni through the Comcast Fellowship program and the Ellie Enriquez Peck Alumni Internship Program. These opportunities help alumni learn more about state government and public policy, and the latter program provides students with hands-on experience with board members. 

The CLYLP organization is certainly on track with its mission to create an environment for students to grow and develop as future leaders. If you believe the CLYLP is an excellent fit for you or someone you know, feel free to visit their website for more information on programs and volunteer opportunities. You can also stay on top of their activities and news through their Instagram and Twitter accounts. 


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