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Personalized Development for the Entire Workplace

Gen Z young professionals are entering the workforce with different skills than past generations.

They are technologically savvy, and are ambitious and driven, however they generally lack training in soft skills that are needed in the workplace. These skills include written and spoken communication, organization, teamwork, and time-management. Gen Z employees need help developing these soft skills, professional profiles, portfolios, and navigating their career.

Managers, executives, and HR professionals need knowledge and resources that teach them how to effectively mentor and lead their Gen Z employees.

Gen Z needs to be in certain kind of workplace environment to thrive, and if the job isn’t fulfilling to them, they are not likely to stick around. Employers need to know how to attract, retain, and mentor Gen Z professionals, so that they can thrive in the workplace and become the best version of themselves. Managers, executives, and HR professionals need to learn how to truly listen to their young employees and be able to take their needs into consideration.

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Gen Z Academy is a membership community offering interactive online content, including blogs, live discussions, training videos, online courses, access to a network of like-minded individuals, and much more.

Solutions for Young Gen Z Professionals

  • Micro-Learning Video Content - Available on Demand
  • Gen Z Mastermind
  • Professional Mentorship
  • Personalized Development Programs

Solutions for Gen Z Employers

  • Extensive resources to help create development and learning programs for young professionals entering your workplace.
  • Resources and training guides specifically for HR Professionals who want to learn how to recruit, retain, and engage effectively with Generation Z.
  • Resources to help Executives & Managers brainstorm and implement creative solutions to meet the expectations of Gen Z and keep them from feeling disconnected in the workplace.

Find out what else our specialized programs can offer you and your company by downloading a brochure of our offerings, and by applying below. We’re so excited to have you on board!