Hugh O’Brian Youth Leaders

By Kassandra Sanchez

As we begin to set foot in the real world, we realize that we want to change the world and be part of the next generation of leaders. However, we might not always know where to start. That is why today, we are putting the spotlight on the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leaders organization. This non-profit organization was established in 1958 by Hugh O’Brian, a humanitarian and western actor. O’Brian’s goal was “to inspire and develop [a] global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation” (“Mission and Values”). Sixty-three years later, their team has kept O’Brian’s promise. The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leaders organization, or HOBY, focuses on working alongside youth leaders and volunteers to explore their skill sets and unique qualities. The legacy of HOBY revolves around the five core values of volunteerism, integrity, excellence, diversity, and partnership. 

Leading forward with these core values, HOBY ensures that the youth finds the power within themselves to become future leaders. The staff at HOBY teaches their young leaders how to possess qualities such as professional behavior, collaboration, conflict resolution, and many more. HOBY teaches these skills while allowing each individual to incorporate their unique personality, and the youth can put such teachings to work within the programs the organization provides. These programs include Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW), State Leadership Seminars, World Leadership Congress (WLC), and Alumni Network. Each program caters to specific groups of youth and prepares them to soon embark on their journeys. CLeW specializes in bringing first-year high school students together as they interact and learn from mentors, volunteers, confident leaders, and each other. The State Leadership Seminar takes high school sophomores to a college campus for a three-to-four year residential program. HOBY also offers virtual seminars for students who want to stay within their homes. WLC is a one-week-long program that pushes high school juniors and seniors to connect globally and become active global leaders. The final step is the Alumni Network program. Here, students can become official HOBY ambassadors once they’ve completed a HOBY State Leadership Seminar. This program offers many opportunities, such as grants, volunteer opportunities, internships, and many others. 

If you want to be part of the next generation of leaders or know someone who needs help developing these skills, feel free to explore HOBY. Visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with their programs and events. 


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