By Daniel Riddle

Functioning and taking care of yourself during a depressive episode is challenging.  You could suffer fatigue, lose your appetite, or experience countless other symptoms.  If you have someone you care about who suffers from depression, hopefully you want to help them somehow.  COVID is making that more difficult since you can’t always be physically there to help them.  

Recently I was extremely sick and not in the best mental state, so my fiancé had a care package delivered to me from Target, which gave me the idea to talk about care packages to help others.  It’s a great way to help if they’re too fatigued to buy things that they’ll need.  

One important thing to remember is if the recipient will feel bad about receiving help.  Honestly, I can’t really give super helpful advice on this since every person will cope differently.  All I can say is to remind them that you love them and want to do anything you can to help.  

Food and Drinks

Food is usually the best thing to send over.  Thankfully, food delivery has been made easier in 2021, depending on where you live.  If you enjoy surprising your loved one, focus on food that will still be good if it’s eaten later.

Please view my previous article for help with different snacks and drinks to send someone.  Just keep in mind they might be unable to cook, so focus on non-perishable foods and drinks to help with hydration that you know they’ll like.  

You can also look into tea, hot cocoa, or warm drinks that they could easily make.  

Vitamins and Essentials

If they cannot go shopping, you can order them vitamins that you know they take or essentials such as toilet paper and toiletries. Unfortunately, there is no exact list, just what you feel or know they could use.  

Emotional Support

Something you could add is collectibles or things that they like.  Stuffed animals or flowers are liked by a lot of people. If you know they collect trading cards or dice or items for a favorite sports team, then add those.  They might feel guilty if you buy them something too expensive, so focus on cheap gifts with emotional value.  

I Hope This Helps!

I hope this guide will give you some good ideas for a care package.  Obviously, each person is different so you’re welcome to create your own ideas.  I hope you and your loved ones do well!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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